Supporters Like You

Read about supporters who are helping the most vulnerable members of our community to build better lives.

Sheila Breen

Sheila Breen believes in making an impact in her community by donating to support the causes she cares about.


Chris and Toria Trendler

Chris and Toria Trendler have generously donated to support critical social service programs that support their neighbors and community. Their work with A New Leaf is changing lives forever.

“When we started putting feelers out to people in the community…A New Leaf came up over and over again. This is a well run organization, this is an organization that cares about people — not just at one level or one stage, but follows them and gives them support.”

– Chris and Toria Trendler, A New Leaf donors


“Hi, my name is Ella and I am 14 and I like to help A New Leaf because they are helping people who are homeless and need help.”

Bob is ending domestic violence. 

Bob wanted to honor his mother’s memory, so he included A New Leaf as a percentage beneficiary of his retirement assets. With careful planning, his gift in memory of his mother has provided more than $115,000 in support for Autumn House.

Kay is ending homelessness. 

Kay cared deeply about children in foster care and also wanted to help men experiencing homelessness. She put A New Leaf in her trust as a percentage beneficiary of her estate. Her gift provided more than $475,000 for our foster care programs and the East Valley Men’s Center.

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