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 You are an essential part of all we do to empower our community. When you make a gift now or plan one for the future, you support projects and programs that give vulnerable individuals and families the chance to thrive. See your impact on our key mission areas below.

Domestic Violence Services

A New Leaf offers safe temporary housing and support at Autumn House in the East Valley and at Faith House in the West Valley. Both shelters provide up to 120 days of emergency shelter to afford victims and their children the time and resources needed to recover from the trauma they have experienced and get the resources they need to move towards long-term, safe, stable housing. A New Leaf’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Program also provides assistance to victims navigating the legal system.

Hear Breana describe her harrowing journey from abuse and homelessness, to a safe and stable home with hopes of a brighter future. 

Housing and Shelter

A New Leaf is a critical resource in the Valley, providing homeless shelters, affordable housing, basic needs, and comprehensive services that support vulnerable families in Arizona. From children’s programs, to family counseling, to emergency shelter, A New Leaf serves those experiencing the housing crisis that is devastating our community.

At 58 years old, starting over is going to be hard for Ken. As an incredibly independent and driven man, he never expected to find himself homeless. “It was a shock. You never expect it to happen to you.” Watch this video to see how he found a new start thanks to supporters like you.

Health and Wellness

Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy, in mind and body. A New Leaf’s community behavioral health services promote the development and well-being of youth, adults, and families to make this possible. With programs that cater to a variety of different needs, there are many quality services that can help those dealing with behavioral health challenges.

See how the La Mesita After School Program helps children from low-income households or recovering from homelessness catch up in school and learn healthy social behaviors.

Financial Empowerment

A New Leaf’s Financial Empowerment services help households find financial stability, get ahead in the workforce, and ultimately start a business and pursue their dreams. We imagine a community in which households are able to thrive independently. With programs ranging from emergency financial assistance to entrepreneurial programs, A New Leaf is here to guide our community along every step on the journey to financial freedom.

Lahi is a Somali refugee, who emigrated to the United States from a Kenyan refugee camp called Dadaab when he was just 10 years old. Watch his powerful video.

Foster Care Services

All Foster Care programs seek to provide children and adolescents the opportunity to live in a nurturing and stable environment with a “family-like structure.” A New Leaf’s Foster Care Programs focus on recruiting and training adults interested in becoming licensed foster parents. Additional child-specific programs offer loving homes the opportunity to license as foster parents and/or Respite Providers for high-needs children with special emotional or behavioral needs.

Right now in our community, there are children in need of a loving foster home. A New Leaf matches families that are willing to open their homes to children in need of foster care.

Family Support

A New Leaf’s Family Support Services Programs improve household stability and help families create better relationships between adults and children. Comprehensive programs support families in their journey toward healing and stability, helping them to build positive  family dynamics and relationships.

Take a virtual tour of our Family Support Services Programs.

Education Programs

A New Leaf is deeply committed to providing the community with a strong foundation of early childhood education, the ongoing support that helps keep children on track in school during moments of hardship or crisis, and important resources provide adults a clear path forward in their career and secure financial independence. A New Leaf believes that education can open doors of opportunity that are otherwise closed for many people.

Meet Alison, mother of two children attending A New Leaf’s Phoenix Day early childhood education program.

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